Your Song
Update Is Ready!

You will need your WISH SING-ALONG BOOMBOX (with the power on), and a smartphone, tablet or computer that has access to the internet with the ability to play audio. Then follow the below 3 STEPS:

Step 1

With the boombox power on, press and hold both of the song buttons. Hold both buttons down until you hear
then release.

Step 2

Hold the microphone near this device, then PRESS and HOLD the button on the mic. While still holding the mic button, click ”UPDATE” below.

Step 3

You will hear several tones.
Keep holding the mic button until you hear a confirmation tone from your boombox.


That’s It!

Your Wish Sing Along Boombox should now play the FULL version of the song β€œThis Wish.”

If the download was not successful, try these tips:


Is your Boombox ”On” and not in β€œDemo Mode?” Make sure the switch on the back of your boombox is in the β€œON” position, and not β€œoff” or β€œDemo”


Increase the volume on your device. When you press β€œDownload” you should hear several tones play after that button is pressed.


Try again in a quiet room. Are there other noises in the room? A quiet room is best for the update.


Make sure to hold the microphone button down while you click the β€œUpdate” button. The mic needs to be on while the tones play.


If you are still having issues contact our customer support