Your Song
Update Is Ready!

You will need your WISH SING-ALONG BOOMBOX (with the power on), and a smartphone, tablet or computer that has access to the internet with the ability to play audio. Then follow the below 3 STEPS:

Step 1

With the boombox power on, press and hold both of the song buttons. Hold both buttons down until you hear
then release.

Step 2

Hold the microphone near this device, then PRESS and HOLD the button on the mic. While still holding the mic button, click ”UPDATE” below.

Step 3

You will hear several tones.
Keep holding the mic button until you hear a confirmation tone from your boombox.


That’s It!

Your Wish Sing Along Boombox should now play the FULL version of the song “This Wish.”

If the download was not successful, try these tips:


Is your Boombox ”On” and not in “Demo Mode?” Make sure the switch on the back of your boombox is in the “ON” position, and not “off” or “Demo


Increase the volume on your device. When you press “Download” you should hear several tones play after that button is pressed.


Try again in a quiet room. Are there other noises in the room? A quiet room is best for the update.


Make sure to hold the microphone button down while you click the Updatebutton. The mic needs to be on while the tones play.


If you are still having issues contact our customer support